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Colombian Spanish Starter Kit

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Colombian Spanish Starter Kit

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Whether you’re visiting Colombia, or want to chat with Colombians abroad, there’s no doubt that mastering Spanish is the best way to connect with locals.

Standard textbooks and language apps are a great place to start, but their problem is that they teach an overly formal version of the language that no native speaker would ever actually use. This sort of Spanish will forever mark you out as a novice.

These same tools also skip over much of the best parts of the language: the funny expressions, slang words, interesting quirks and little turns of phrase that are essential for you to have enjoyable interactions with Colombians and other native speakers.

Without this vital knowledge, you'll probably find that your Spanish conversation doesn't flow easily and that you're often left on the sidelines in social situations.

Your Shortcut to Language Success

Picking up all this additional material used to involve paying for a load of Spanish classes, and listening to thousands of hours of Colombian conversations. And I should know -- this is what I've spent years doing after first arriving to the country in 2007 (and in later building my blog:

In fact, I've been a little obsessive about the whole language learning process, and have, over time, built up an extensive library of the Spanish words, phrases and slang that most textbooks miss out, but that are absolutely essential for any foreigner living in Colombia.

I've since developed this material into a range of learning resources and tools, which (I'm very pleased to say) have already helped hundreds of people to speak more natural-sounding Spanish, make Colombian friends, understand local jokes and fit easily into Colombian culture.

I’m very confident that they can help you too.

What is included?

This product brings together all the tools you’ll need to leave behind beginner's Spanish for good and start using the language exactly like a local.

Purchase this product, by clicking on the “I want this!” button below, and you'll receive:

1) Your copy of the acclaimed 230-page Colombian Spanish eBook.

An engaging and entertaining eBook – more like a linguistic guidebook than a grammar-heavy textbook – which will teach you:

The essential Colombian slang terms you won’t be able to live without;

Tips on avoiding the typical ‘gringo’ mistakes made by Spanish-language learners;

How to incorporate hundreds of expressions and phrases that’ll make you sound much more like a native speaker; and

Advice on navigating the kind of cultural complications you’ll encounter as a foreigner in Colombia.

2) Printable flashcards for 850+ terms from Colombian Spanish.

This set of 850+ printable Spanish/English flashcards is an excellent tool for committing the hundreds of words and expressions covered in the eBook to your long-term memory.

Print out the full set and test yourself as you work through each of the 10 book chapters. It's a great way to ensure the material jumps off the page and into your active vocabulary - ready to be used in your very next Spanish conversation.

3) Access to the Colombian Spanish Quizlet classroom and audio files.

Tailor your learning and boost your motivation by joining the private Colombian Spanish classroom on the specialist external platform, Quizlet.

Here, you can compete against your peers, test yourself in quizzes, play vocabulary games and zero-in on the precise Colombian Spanish book terms that are of most interest to you.

You can start building up your listening skills and improve your pronunciation too by using the inbuilt machine-generated audio files to get a feel for how each of the terms and example sentences should be spoken.

4) Ongoing support from our experts and the community of Colombian Spanish lovers.

Along with your purchase, you’ll also be invited to join our closed Facebook group where you can get advice on any related topic: from where to study in Colombia; to how to use specific local slang.

All questions are answered either by our growing and active community of Colombian Spanish lovers, or by our own team of in-house experts. You needn't struggle - help is always at hand.

Begin Your Transformation Now

If you’re ready to begin the transition from ‘textbook Spanish’ speaker to Colombian Spanish master, click on the “I want this!” button below and fill out your details to automatically be sent:

  • The Colombian Spanish eBook -- in three formats (.mobi, .epub and .pdf) so you can access it on your computer, Kindle, e-reader, iPad, tablet or phone;
  • A PDF file containing the 850+ Spanish/English flashcards;
  • Instructions on how to join the private classroom on Quizlet; and
  • An invite to join our closed Facebook group.

Time to leave behind your beginner’s Spanish and start talking like a local!
Click on the “I want this!” button now and complete your purchase. 

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